Localisation :    International waters, Panama City

Programme :    Jail

Calendrier :      2017

Equipe :            1WEEK1PROJECT Axel de Stampa / Sylvain Macaux / Guillaume Devaux

PANAMA PAPERS’JAIL is a prison made with paper cells. It holds the people named in the Panama Papers financial scandal.The prison is built on a cargo boat located in the international waters facing Panama City. It can hold up to 3300 detainees. Its design opposes two colossal prison “sails”, one for men and one for women.

1week1project_Panama-Papers-Jail_01 google

The 11.5 million leaked document, dating back to the 1970s, contain information about offshore entities and are proof of  the largest scaled tax dodging having ever taken place.

The Panama Papers’ Jail project aims to question what sanctions should be applied.

1week1project_Panama-Papers-Jail_02_exterior_photo nordcapital

Operating principle :

The two “sails” are 350 meters long and a 100 meters high.  They are divided in three parts :

– rows of 9 square meters cells in the front part

– master’s office, administration and mess hall in the middle part

– housing for the penitentiary guards  (36 square meters duplex apartments).

All corridors are external.

PPJ functions autonomously. The upper deck is dedicated to agriculture. A sports field can be found on the bow of the boat. The cargo hold contains a sea water-treatment plant, workshops and a gym.